Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend Blog Hop Winners!

I just want to say Thank You to all of you that stopped by and shared your family holiday traditions me.I loved reading them all. In my family traditions are really important. As most of you know my daughters are 17 and 14. Since they were born I 've unintentionally started traditions. Well during Christmas last year my youngest mentioned that we had not decorated sugar cookies at yaya's (grandmothers house) this year and I said well it's been a very busy time but I just didn't think that they wanted to do it because after all they are teenagers and they wouldn't think about it twice...Well was I wrong! She claimed that it was tradition that we go to yaya's and decorate cookies like we do every year,we have to do it! So we did =D
Again thank you for making our blog hop such a success So, the Winner of the Easter Album is............

Cindy said...

As it is always custom, we spend all holidays with Grams. She makes the best meals and has the cutest decorations. And it just seems better at her house.
Happy follower!

Another Big Thank You to all the new follower of my blog. The pressure is on to keep updating it...LOL that is my new goal. The winner of the Trims ......

Shelley said...

Adorable album! Our holiday family tradition is to spend it with family! :-) The last 2 years at Easter, we've had a nighttime egg hunt and brunch. At Thanksgiving, we invite family and friends over for smoked turkey--we had almost 40 people this year! For Christmas, we travel to see our family (2 states away).

Shelley said...
I forgot to mention that I'm a follower!

Cindy and Shelly email me at LMullenathome@AOL(dot)com
your snail mail address and I will pop your goodies in the mail.
We are planning another blog hop for the weekend of July 4th so keep an eye out for it.
To Happy Traditions,

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