Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm so excited...

I'm taking classes by Donna Downey this weekend for two days at Remember When Scrapbooking! I just got back from taking her newest class. Creating an Art Journal. I have been watching on youtube people working on these Art Journals and I've been wanting to start one and now I have...
here is Donna demonstrating "Drippage" on my page :)
I took me awhile to get into it this art journal but once I did I felt like I was in kindergarten. I had so much fun and her is a picture of Angela 
She got into it much faster than I did.
Here is some stuff that Donna brought with her to sell and I have to admit I got a few things.
I can't wait until tomorrow I'm taking two classes I'll share those and my Art Journal tomorrow.
she was so nice she signed a canvas bird from her line for me. I'm going to add it to a fame that I'm going to make for this picture of her and me

Thanks for taking a peek!


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