Friday, July 02, 2010

Christmas in July Blog Hop

Welcome to our Christmas in July blog hop. There are 13 of us consultants that have come up with a project using Memory Works products. These are projects that you can make for the holidays and hopefully we have inspired you with some of our ideas. Here is mine idea. I used a canvas board, I've really enjoyed using these =)

I actually used a December Memory Works Express Kit to create this. If you haven't seen what an express kit is please check it out at the memory works website  .I such love these kits. They come with so much in them and every month I'm so surprise with it. If you are interested let me know and I could set it up for you.
Here is a close up of what I did. I used the distress paint on the edges of the board, I mod podge the paper to it. I used some candy cane piping to edge the top and bottom. I also used some diamond dust on the edges.

I'm giving this away in a random drawing to anyone that leave me a comment here, letting me know what was your most favorite gift you received as a child. Mine was a baby Crissy Doll, her hair grow!
I welcome you if you are new to my blog if you become a follower to my blog let me know and I'll put your name it twice!
Enjoy the Blog Hop this weekend and your next stop is at Wendy's blog.

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I'd like to invite you to visit a new Etsy shop named Craftology Studio that I've started up with my mother,Espy, My sister, Ingrid and my girlfriend, Angela. We all like all things crafty, collecting "stuff" and we have collected some of our favorites into little Genius Kits to inspire your Inner Genius. I personally love all the trims and notions so much that they have become part of my papercrafting essentials. I'm sure that you might have noticed in my past posts of my layout pages and crafts.
Here is a sneak peek...
I will be giving away this little bundle of joy in a random drawing to anyone that becomes a follower of Craftology Studio Blog
Just to get you inspire for any Holiday crafting you might be doing.

Both prizes are open to all! I will shipping anywhere =D

Thanks for stopping by~


Tina said...

I love the canvas board Liz! It's beautiful! My favorite Christmas present was my Barbie Doll Dream House I got when I was 8 yrs old!

I have saved your blog to my favs and I am now a follower of your etsy store! Adorable stuff there as well!

Mariah said...

Cute Stuff! Thanks for sharing.

ME... said...

my favorite present is my cabbage patch doll! i am following you EVERYWHERE! lol

Mary said...

Cute canvas board!
My favorite Chistmas gift was a huge box of doll clothes my mom made for my favorite doll when I was about 8 years old.The fact that she was able to keep it a secret from me is the REAL surprise!

Angela said...

It's really hard to decide my favorite Christmas present. It is either my daughter Noelle, or the Barbie Bubble Bath which was blue and had faux stained glass windows. It also had a pump that pushed air into the tub so you could give Barbie a ton of bubbles.

Susan Bennett said...

Very cute - definitely my favorite was the original Barbie doll in her black and white striped bathing suit! I can still remember that Christmas morning!

Emeraldvalkyrie said...

I loved Breyer horses as a kid. I always loved getting a new one.My most memorbale gift though, was an ET stuffed animal the year the movie came out. I didn't think i would get one b/c the stores wree sold out. I was so thrilled. to check your etsy store.

Rosann said...

I'm so not ready for Christmas but I'll happily become ready for this adorable prize. i just joined your blog and am heading over to your etsy site in a sec. Thanks

Rosann said...

oops. I forgot to tell you my fav gift. I too had a baby crissy and lots of Barbies. But my fave gift was an organ. It was so big and so cool. I have photos of that Christmas. I guess I should scrap it.

Gisèle said...

Happy 4th and Christmas in July:-))

cindy said...

It is and will always be the christmas when I received Barbie's house and all the furniture. That house was well used.

Mrs. Woodard said...

Beautiful work. I really love the detail. You now have a new follower. Kim @

Lindy said...

Adorable stuff; very nice. Can't wait to check out your craftology blog...headed there next. My favorite Christmas present was my cabbage patch doll....she looks a lot like me and her name is very close. I never took her out of the box. I am a new follower.

Altered by Jenn said...

What an awesome canvas board! My favorite present was Barbie furniture my mom made from plastic canvas!

Scrapped4time said...

I love your board! It is precious! I received my favorite gift for Christmas when I was about 7 years old. It was the very last present I opened and it was behind the Christmas tree and I didn't see it. When I opened it, it was a bigggg brown bear with a red bow around his neck! That bear slept with me every night! I am 29 and still have the bear, accept I handed it down to my daughter! She is 3 and it sleeps in her rocking chair every night!

Christine said...

Love your work. My favourite Christmas present is always something handmade because it comes from the heart, and is worth more than money.

Terri said...

I love the idea. This would be great to give as an early office gift. Thanks for the idea. My favorite gift was my easy bake oven. It is funny to see that my great niece also likes hers.

Elle Kasban said...

Christmas in July! Gotta love it-and your project, too! Elle

Anonymous said...

Liz, your work is really nice, will check out the etsy store, thank you.

Ladyofthelake318 said...

My favorite Christmas present was a tetherball -- it was the biggest present under the tree and I felt so greedy!

Shelley said...
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Shelley said...

Cute project, Liz! I forgot to put my favorite present. Except, I don't really remember a favorite present. I do, however, remember a Christmas spent with all my cousins. Santa had to tag each of our presents so that we knew what belonged to whom! I thought that was so cool, lol.

Sue Frazier said...

Always love your projects Liz!! Fabulous! My favorite Christmas gift was my Weebles Parking Garage....I've been searching for one for my kids because they are so much fun to play with! And I so remember my parents having the fake cardboard fireplace that we would put up each year because we didn't have a real one!!!!

jodie said...

love your canvas board. My favorite christmas present was the doll velvet i think she was related to your doll chrissy. LOL thank you.jodie

Tracee said...

Love the canvas board. What a great idea, thanks for sharing. My favorite christmas gift was a Cher doll with stage and costumes. Yep she even had hair down to the back of her calves.

Have a happy 4th.


Wendy said...

great post Liz!
congrats on your Etsy shop too! :)

wendy :)
aka ScrapNspire