Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wow... A Month has Gone By!

Hello, wow this last month has gone by so fast for me. Now that I'm getting some what of a routine going. Now that the girls are back at school and back to the grind. Mckenzie is in the Show Choir this year. It's great that she made it in, they have won many competitions in the past and they have a really good reputation. So there has been alot of fundraising going on with that. and they only have been in school for a month. Kennedy and I )I'm the leader of the troop) are doing the Girl Scout thing which started officially last week, but we have been camping to the beach and doing things through the summer.

Troop 445 at Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro California

Kennedy is the one with the stripped tank top. Sue Ann is my co leader the best one around. I do love this part of the year with all the holidays coming up. about a week ago there was a heat wave about 110-112 degrees it seems that that was a good bye to summer because 93 degrees doesn't feel so bad.

I started teaching scrapbooking class at our local Micheal's for the past few months. It's been a little of a challenge but slowly I've been getting students. We were asked to decorate a pumpkin for a theme that the store was displaying. Got pumpkins? is the theme so it had to reflect the class that taught, so mine of course had to do with scrapbooking and I'm always up for a challenge. I couldn't come up with anything and my friend Angela said make it into an album. Duh!!! so this is what I came up with

I thought it came out nice. We will see how many votes it gets Micheal's will be doing a contest. The customers will vote to see which pumpkin they like best.
So think of all the Halloween stuff at the store that they have out. It is getting me in the mood for the holidays. So for me the fall is all about the crock pot, baking and decorating. so I have pulled out this old recipe of Chocolate Chip Cookies that I started making about 20 years ago and I stop making for a while, well since the girls where toddlers. These cookies are so good I think I stopped making them because one of the ingredients is Crisco and then it has butter,eggs,brown and white sugar. You see what I'm getting at. well I thought I would make them again and of course the family loved them. So I make them the second time again but this time I decide to freeze some of the batter because the recipe makes about 4 dz cookies. So instead of making them all and them they disappear so fast so I thought that I would freeze them into small size balls and that way they will be ready to bake when the girl need a snack.
I also joined another swap: an Owl Swap over at Missy's it's the second on that I've done that Missy has hostessed. It's due this weekend the 22nd so I'll post the picture of my swap later so that my partner won't see it before she gets it.


littlesnoring said...

That pumpkin looks great, a bet you get a lot of votes. And, boy those cookies sound like a heart attack on a plate, but I bet they are goooood.

R says he loves that beach, Kennedy looks so grown up. Luka wanted to know where Mackenzie was?

ps. I will send more photos of our sumo-baby soon!

Raesha D said...

That pumpkin is adorable!! And please share your recipe...I love to make a double batch and freeze half the dough:) Makes making cookies the next time so much easier:) And I joined the owl swap too!! (You convinced me to) It's been so much fun coming up with some owl crafts:)

Funky Finds said...

omg! this is SO clever! i want!