Saturday, August 18, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy......

I've been getting the girls ready for school. Doing all the fun stuff getting before school starts; new clothes, lunch box, school supplies. I've always like this time before school. I remember the feeling of getting all new stuff. the smell of a new lunch box, looking for the perfect binder and getting all the new clothes. I've enjoyed watching Kennedy (my youngest) getting ready for 6th grade! I can't believe that she is in 6th grade, our last year of elementary school. Mckenzie my oldest is going into 10th a Sophomore,WOW! I only have 3 years with her before she is off to collage. I have a feeling these last 3 years are going to be going fast. because this last year went by as a blur.

Kennedy started last Wednesday. I was so happy for her, she got the teacher she wanted and her friends that she met last year were in her class, she started at this school last year. Mckenzie starts on Monday. She registered last Tuesday and I am impressed with her class schedule. taking. Honors English, Algebra 2Trig A, Spanish 2, physics A, Modern Civic, and she is also is involved in Show Choir.
I've been also busy making these boards

These were inspired by Jenny . I lover her stuff. I really liked her idea so I thought with all the birthdays I had these pass two weeks I thought this would be a great gift. I really got into it as I did them I felt that they started looking better. the first one I did was the "E","H", the "S" and then the "j" was my last one. I still have one more to make. This project really uses all your scraps. I need to move my stuff so that I can buy new stuff :)
I just sign up for a swap over at Crafty Carnival its an Owl Swap. Missy is leaving it open until august 25. Go over they and sign up. These swaps are so much fun


Raesha D said...

These are awesome!!! They look great.

littlesnoring said...

Wow the girls are all grown up! Mackenzie's timetable sounds tough - and in College in 3 years~! I can't believe it!

Your boards look great!

Paula Sealey said...

Hope you don't mind me leaving a comment, but I came across your blog and wanted to say how lovely your boards are! Very inspiring:)