Thursday, May 10, 2007

A working I will go....

I've been working on many projects. I joined my 2nd swap. It's with Raesha my partner in my first swap. This is the first time she is hosting one and the swap is a TAG Swap. We have to make 10 of one tag. I've been working away on that. I won't post a pictures until after I mail them. Which I have to do by the 18th. I look forward to receiving my package ;0)
I was going to make the warming pad for mother's day but I made this clip board which I think came out so cute.


littlesnoring said...

Hey, the clipboard looks wonderful, the colours are gorgeous, Inghy is going to look very spiffy chatting to people with that in her hands

Mikki said...

Hola madre.

I looooove those clipboards you made. You should put the one you made for Angela up too.