Friday, December 15, 2006

A Birthday Party In America

OK I got the the Pictures of Sacha's Birthday I hope that they make you feel like you were there and that you got a glimpse of his day.
this is just half the heap of gifts Sacha received
Our Birthday Boy!

Waiting our turn at Yaya's Ice Cream Bar
hey, I'm the birthday boy I don't have to wait in line.
just kidding he waited patiently.
I'm done jumping around in this house!
waiting to blow our candles.
Tonight we are off to the Christmas at the Zoo Event. I hear that they have snow, reindeer, candy it a winter wonderland in Los Angles. Until next time :)


littlesnoring said...

Oh, my little boys... I miss them so much. Yesterday was Sacha's 'real' birthday and the house was so quiet. They both look so cute in these photos, especially the ones with Sacha and the cake, waiting so patiently to blow out his candles.

Proud Auntie Emmi said...

That certainly is one cute kid.

And that certainly is one BIG pile of presents!

Actually, there's quite a few extremely cute kids in those shots - eg those 2 little girls in matching tops - gorgeous!

I also love the last photo with the Brothers Flores and an anonymous cutie - is he a relative?

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous photos - makes me realise how much I miss them too! They are obviously having a fantastic time with their Yaya and family but we're really looking forward to them coming back to Tassie!