Monday, December 11, 2006

5th Day in America

Today is Monday which is the 5th day they have been here. Sacha had his 3rd birthday celebration here, Thanks to Yaya and Auntie Ingrid. Sacha was the birthday Boy for the day on Saturday. There were about 17 children and about 12 adults, there was a "jumper" for the kids to play in, they had an Ice Cream Bar, a pinata, mini turkey sandwiches, grapes and chips for lunch and a big birthday cake. Presents, presents and presents.... Boy Ruben will have to get another bag just for the birthday gifts. let see what Christmas brings ;) I will post pictures of this special day at a later day. I didn't take my camera :( with me. I used yaya's and I need to get them from her. In this picture Sacha is receiving a gift from Yaya. a book that Sacha forgot on the plane. The Enormous Alligator which Sacha need to listen to when he goes to sleep. They went to the Los Angeles Zoo today with their daddy. They hear the lions roar, they saw the "efleants" the tail of an alligator. It seemed that they had fun.


The Mummy said...

They are so cute, I know I am biased, but really. Is that book called the 'Enormous Alligator' over there? Here it is called the 'Enormous Crocodile' - that is too funny! I spoke to them when they got home from the zoo, they sounded both tired and thrilled - the lion roaring was a definate highlight.

'auntie' emmi said...

Can you please wish Sacha a happy 3rd birthday from Emmi???

Thanks Liz. You'd better say a big hello to Luka and his Dad from me too.

While you're at it - a big cheerio to Espie, Ingrid and Gerry (sorry, not sure if he's a J or G Gerry).

And yes, Ed, despite your bias, I can definitely confirm thay are the CUTEST little tackers ever. I wonder how cute the next little tacker's going to be???

'auntie' emmi said...

by the way, that list of party food made me hungry!