Monday, January 01, 2007

Our Visit has come to an End

Yaya and Papa with the Grandkids and Mckenzie's friend Brittany. The boys loved brittany.
Sacha meets Santa, I'm not sure what he was thinking. Luka was into it!

this is the Semi-truck that comes along with 200 carolers Christmas Eve for the past 23 years

boy it feels like this month has gone by so fast....

the boys arrived, we played, we went to the L.A. Zoo -
the festival of lights,a birthday party, an almost adult Cocktail party, a few movies, one at the famous Le Capitan Theater in Hollywood we saw Santa Clause 3 with a live show before the movie, we had an Christmas Eve Party at yaya's with the famous parade that goes through her neighborhood, Christmas at our home and all the kids went to the Griffith Park observatory that they just reopened after going under a 4 year renovation. and today they came over to hang out with us this new years day.

Today is the last day I will see the boys. I will miss them, I'm not sure how their mom has been without them for this long.(Thank you Eddie for sharing them with us) I really enjoyed them. It is nice to see how they have acted while they where here. They were not a bit shy, people commented on how they talked back when spoken to. (Here kids tend to be very shy and don't answer back when spoken to at least in our experience with kids) The boys never seemed to be cranky or tried. They hardly cried. (Mine- at least my youngest, I knew when it was time to go) They didn't even seem to miss home. Well today Sacha was talking about going to "Sacha's Home" and wanting to see "Sacha's mummy" I think Sacha is ready to go HOME. These little boys must be tried they have been non stop since they arrived! It was sad to say good bye to them. I will miss having little boys running around and I think my girls will miss them too. They got a hint of what it would be like it we had more siblings around. Rick and I were talking and I think that is we did have boys they would be very similar to these like boys. We just loved them!


littlesnoring said...

Thanks for looking after them so well. I have been missing them a lot and looking forward to seeing them at the airport and catching up with some mooch time with them. I think there will be lots of cuddles and hanging out in bed.

I know it is going to be sad for you guys to say goodbye, but hopefully it will not be for long. I am sure they will be asking regularly when they can go back to the States.

(ps. I don't know what I am doing awake at 5am (my-time), I guess I am getting used to no more sleep-ins!)

littlesnoring said...

ps. We often discuss how similar they are to Mackenzie and Kennedy, they have similar colourings and even their personalities are similar. It is amazing how that happened! I wonder what number 3 will be like?

Em of the Harris' said...

Ahhhh, its been a great trip to follow from afar. Thanks for keeping this blog so up-to-date Liz! A great effort on your part. I kind of feel like I've been to LA too ?!?