Friday, December 04, 2009

It's Firday....

I have a full weekend planned. Cookie Swap Party on Sunday I need to make 81/2 dozen cookies...yikes ! There are 3 prizes: one for best cookie, best presentations of cookie, and packaging of cookie. I have some work to do. I also have to make a mini recipe book with all the cookies that are being presented. My party favor for the guest. What else... I need to do some crafting of gifts. Kennedy is performing at a Holiday Dance show,Mckenzie want me to take her to a artist show to buy her Christmas gift in town to L.A.....Like I say a full weekend.

My 2008 cookies

2008 Cookie Swap Party

Have a nice weekend and thanks for taking a peek!


Jenn said...

Hey Liz! Wow what a fancy looking cookie swap!! Looks beautiful~

I have your box all ready to ship, just need your address if you could email it to me!

Thanks =)

Sue Frazier said...

what a beautiful cookie swap...great wrappings for yours!

Emily Anne said...

Wow! You have it decorated so nicely! Very nice. :)