Saturday, August 29, 2009

What I learned this summer....

Boy did this summer go by fast. The girls were gone for almost four weeks and I didn't really missed them until about the week before they were due to return. I was feeling a little guilty that I didn't miss them. Rick and I reconnected....about a week and a half I turned to him and said "you know I still like you...." We really enjoyed out time one interrupting us while we talked, watched a movie, asking us to take them somewhere or needing something from either one of us. We got a glimpse of what life is going to be like when the girls leave the nest. It really is bittersweet. We love the girls and love doing the thing we do for them. Our world really revolves around them. I had forgotten what life was like before the girls. It was really nice but life with the girls is wonderful and it goes by fast. We really only have about 18 years with the kids at least with the first child. It really does go by fast and then we continue with life. We have enjoined our time with with the girls and look forward to the last few we have.

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