Friday, October 26, 2007

Owl Swap

I did another swap with Crafty Carnival, I loved looking for the owl stuff but it was a bit harder then I thought. There is not much out there. I was partnered up with Angelique she takes beautiful pictures. I made pair of clip boards with with this cute paper that I found. I liked the way they came out. Angelique took some great pictures of them. I also made some coasters for her with owls on them. the owl patterned came from Anna Maria Horner I made the owl with vintage fabric from the 1938 that I bought a while ago. I love fabric but I hate to use it. Some how I was able to let go and make these cute coasters. I did combine it with new fabrics too. they are covered in 16 gauge vinyl. I got the idea for the coasters from a tutorial I came across but I can't find where it came from :(

Angelique was a favorite with Mckenzie she loved the little coin purse and was admiring the note cards. she liked how the back of the card showed the back of the owl. Some how my daughters have pick up at looking at the details :) Is that a good thing or bad thing ??!! Thank you Angelique for swapping with me.

Oh I signed up for a christmas card swap over at About us with Julie. I'm looking forward to it come over an joing I don't think that she has closed it.

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