Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Waiting for the arrival of some Aussies

We have been preparing for the arrival of our nephews from down under! I can't wait to see them. My mother is coming out of her skin waiting to spend time with them. She has been preparing for there visit for months until it all came to a screeching halt. She dropped a rather large bottle of capers on her foot. The jar cut the top of her foot and through to the tendons. She had surgery on it and is going to be in as cast the whole time the boys will be here. So now the prepping for the boys has been happening because of my sister how lives with Mom and Dad has been finishing all the finale stuff before the arrival of these Aussies.


littlesnoring said...

Hey, good to see you posting on your blog. I am hoping you will keep me up to date with some of the activities the boys are up to. I miss them terribly, but know they are having a great time. Please post some photos of them!

love, Edwina

Em of the Harris' said...

Hi Liz - great blog but poor poor Espie - sending lots of get-better-soon wishes her way....tragic loss of capers, too ;-)