Monday, August 14, 2006

2 1/2 months Later.....

I've arrived from Tasmania so long ago!!! So much has happened...
I packed a home of 3400 sq. Feet within 3 weeks when escrow closes. With in those 3 weeks I had to find a house to buy and move into it. I did find one within a week of arriving home from Australia. So escrow would close a week after the escrow closed on the house we sold. Oh and the house we bought is 1600 sq.ft which meant that when I was packing the house up I had to weed through all the stuff we had accumulated in the 5 year we were in the house. yicks!!! So the week that we had between escrows we stayed at my mothers house. which is 25 miles from where we live. it was nice staying there with my parents.
we thought it would be a mini vacation. NOT!! it seemed that we were driving back and forth while we were in escrow with the house we bought.

ok now it's 9.8.06 Boy does time fly. I started this draft weeks ago. I think I need to post this. I'm so intriged with this new community and being part of it. I'm willing to try this and I hope that somewhere out there I connect with this cool world of creative and inspirering people.

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littlesnoring said...

I hope now you are at the other end of that huge move that you can find some time for yourself?

Probably not, I know how these things are, at least you will have a lot to scrap about if can find the time to get to it..