I have always been a collector of recipes, cookbooks, newspapers,any where I see a recipes and it sound go I like to give it a try but my favorite it asking for family recipes that have been part of families and their history.
Of coarse there are people that don't like sharing them at first I didn't understand why people don't share their recipes but I think I understand or try to
and then there are those that are glad to share.
I like to share recipes. So, I thought that I would post them here so that  I can refer anyone that would like to have any recipes they can come here to my blog. 
Instead of trying to write it down and getting it to them later.
Thank you
to anyone that comes here because you requested one of my recipes.
That is one of the nicest compliments!
 Thank You and Enjoy 
So if you happen to be stopping by please feel free to try them out.
My family and Friends have enjoyed them and that is how they make it to my blog :) 
I would love to hear what you think of the recipes :)